CU7 for Variability Processing
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First Meeting of CU7 -- 03-Feb-2006 at ISDC/Geneva
First Meeting of CU7 Friday 3 February 2006 ISDC/Geneva
Agenda 09:00 Welcome (Burki) 09:15 Agenda & practical matters (Eyer) PDF 09:30 Gaia and ESA (Eyer) PDF 09:45 GDAC and other CUs (Luri) PDF Gaia Simulator (Luri) PDF 10:10 Coffee Break 10:30 CU7, Overview and Functional Breakdown (Dubath) PDF 11:00 CU7, Work Breakdown and Organisation (Beck PDF 11:30 Discussion/Agreement on Functional Breakdown 12:00 Lunch 13:30 Answers to the questionnaire (Eyer) PDF 14:00 Assignment of work packages to teams/individuals 15:00 Tea Break 15:15 Continue work package assignment Provisonal WP assignments: XLS 16:00 Agreement on WP leaderships 16:15 Schedule till ESA's Announcement of Opportunity (AO) 16:30 Action items & next meeting 16:45 Star Scintillation (Moniez) PDF Group photo: available after the meeting Participants Conny Aerts (Belgium) Mathias Beck (Switzerland) Michel Boer (France) Gisela Clementini (Italy) Giuseppe Cutispoto (Italy) Jan Cuypers (Belgium) Pierre Dubath (Switzerland) Dafydd Evans (UK) Laurent Eyer (Switzerland) Rene Hudec (Czech Republic) Alain Jorissen (Belgium) Xavier Luri (Spain) Marcella Marconi (Italy) Marc Moniez (France) Nami Mowlavi (Switzerland) Ilaria Musella (Italy) Anna Piersimoni (Italy) Frederic Pont (Switzerland) Viencenzo Ripepi (Italy) Noel Robichon (?)(France) Luis Sarro Baro (Spain) Roberto Silvotti (Italy) Omer Tamuz (Israel) Minutes are available on Livelink