CU7 for Variability Processing
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3rd Meeting of CU7 -- 09/10-Nov-2006 in Leuven
Third Meeting of CU7 Thursday/Friday 09/10 November 2006 Leuven
Agenda with Presentations Day 1 (09-Nov-2006) 14:00 Welcome [Eyer] 14:15 Actions from previous meetings [Eyer] PDF 14:30 DPAC news -- especially status of the AO [Eyer] PDF 15:00 Reports on programatic issues from site/group leaders Eyer PDF Cuypers PDF Hudec PDF 16:15 System Architecture & Development Environment [Beck] PDF | HTML 17:00 Data Model & Gaia ToolBox [Dubath] PDF 17:45 Simulations of variable objects [Reyle] PDF Day 2 (10-Nov-2006) 09:00 Development phases and cycles [Eyer] PDF 09:30 Special Variability Detection [Lanzafame] PDF 10:00 Variability Characterization [Cuypers] PDF 10:45 Classification [Deboscher] PDF 11:15 Specific Object Studies -- Outcome of Evaluation Phase Introduction [Mowlavi] PDF Radial and non-radial pulsators [Aerts] PDF roAp stars [Mary] PDF RR Lyrae stars and cepheids [Clementini] PDF Long period variables [Lebzelter] PDF Compact oscillators [Ostensen] PDF Solar like variability [Lanzafame] PDF Cataclysmic variables [Hudec] PDF Secular Evolution [Mowlavi] PDF Optical counterparts [Hudec] PDF AGN [Paltani] PDF 14:00 Global Variability Studies [Sarro] PDF 14:30 Impact on Astrometry [Jorissen] PDF 14:45 Supplementary Observations [Clementini] PDF 15:00 Planning of initial development cycles [all] PDF 15:45 Any Other Business & Actions [Eyer] PDF Participants C.Aerts M.Beck G.Clementini J.Cuypers J.Deboscher P.De Cat P.Dubath D.W.Evans M.Groenewegen G.Hebrard R.Hudec A.Jorissen A.Lanzafame L.Eyer P.Koubsky T.Lebzelter R.Ostensen N.Mowlavi C.Reyle L.Sarro C.Siopis B.Tingley W.Zima Minutes: GAIA-C7-MN-IOA-DWE-003-1