CU7 for Variability Processing
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5th Meeting of CU7 -- 30/31-Oct-2007 in Lisbon
Fifth Meeting of CU7 30/31 October 2007 Lisbon
Agenda with Presentations Day 1: Tuesday 30 Oct 2007 09:00 Welcome [Eyer, Moitinho] PDF 09:15 Actions from previous meetings [Eyer] PDF 09:30 DPAC News [Eyer] PDF 09:45 CU7 Status and long term planning, Software Development Plan [Eyer] PDF 10:15 Top-level SRS and functional analysis [Dubath] PDF 11:15 SRS and SRR Review [Eyer] PDF 11:30 --- Special Variability Detection [Lanzafame] PDF 11:50 --- Specific Object Studies [Mowlavi] PDF 12:20 --- Global Variability Studies [Sarro] PDF 12:40 --- Variability and Astrometry [Pasquato] PDF 12:55 --- Supplementary Observations [Mowlavi on behalf of Clementini] PDF 13:00 Lunch 13:40 --- "Splinter" discussion on Global Variability Studies [All welcome] JPG 14:10 --- Classification [De Ridder] PDF 14:30 --- Bayesian Networds [Sarro] PDF 14:50 --- Gaussian Mixture models [De Ridder] PDF 15:10 --- Autoclass [Eyer] PDF 15:30 --- Curvilinear clustering [Sarro] PDF 16:20 --- "Splinter" discussion on classification [All welcome] 16:40 S/W architecture [Beck] PDF 17:10 Scientific presentation [Lanzafame] PDF Second Day: Wednesday 31 Oct 2007 09:00 Gaia News [Prusti] PDF 09:30 SDD example walk through [Jonckheere] PDF 09:45 Data Model : Improvements for next cycle [Dubath] PDF 10:15 --- Statistical Parameters [Blomme] PDF 10:30 --- Period Search [Cuypers] PDF 11:30 --- Model fitting [Lecoeur] PDF 11:45 --- Integrated system walk through / demonstration [Guy] PDF 12:15 Coding and documentation standard [Lecoeur] PDF 12:45 Unit tests [Guy] PDF 14:10 Graphical tools [Guy] PDF 14:30 Statistical Tools [De Ridder] PDF 14:45 Next cycle objectives [Eyer] PDF 15:15 Next cycle planning: SRS/SDD/code delivery deadlines [Eyer] PDF 15:45 Any Other Business, Actions [Eyer] 16:00 End of meeting Participants excused: P. De Cat, R. Hudec, G. Clementini Mathias Beck Jonas Blomme Jan Cuypers Joris De Ridder Pierre Dubath Dafydd Wyn Evans Laurent Eyer Leanne Guy Anthony Jonckheere Pavel Koubsky Alessandro Lanzafame Thomas Lebzelter Isabelle Lecoeur Bruno Miranda Andre Moitinho Nami Mowlavi Ester Pasquato Timo Prusti Rita Ribeiro Luis M. Sarro Maxime Spano Mihaly Varadi Minutes: GAIA-C7-MN-IOA-DWE-008