CU7 for Variability Processing
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16th Meeting of CU7 -- 06 to 08 May 2013 in Aarhus, Denmark
Sixteenth Meeting of CU7 06 to 08 May 2013 Aarhus, Denmark
Minutes DWE-040 Agenda with Presentations Day 1: Monday 6 May 2013 Actions from previous meeting [L.Eyer] DPAC news and development status [A.Vallenari on behalf of A.Brown] Periodic Transits: Detection Methods and Their Efficiency [A.Schwarzenberg-Czerny] Study of Hipparcos-Coravel data [L.Eyer on behalf of F.Bouchy] SOS: Eclipsing binaries [I.Lecoeur] Results on GOG eclipsing binary classification [B.Holl] CU4 processing of GOG eclipsing binaries [C.Siopis] Frequency analysis of OGLE SEP and other OGLE data [J.Cuypers] Day 2: Tuesday, 07 May 2013 Project News [T.Prusti] CU7 news [L.Eyer] Testing plans for CU7 in OR4 [A.Vallenari] Rotational Period search tests on ASAS data [E.Distefano] FAMOUS (Frequency Analysis Mapping On Unequal Samplings) Algorithm [F.Mignard] Characterization of fundamental mode and multi-periodic OGLE3 Cepheids with the Gaia-CU7 pipeline [L.Guy] Results of classification [J.De Ridder/ S.Regibo] Anomalous cepheids and RR Lyrae test results [S.Leccia/G.Clementini] Scientific presentation: SONG telescopes [H.Kjeldsen] Day 3: Wednesday 8 May 2013 DPCG development status [D.Ordonez] DPCG operation plan [M.Beck] Special Variability Detection: Status, summary of splinter meeting and plan [A.Lanzafame] Characterisation: Status, summary of splinter meeting and plan [J.Cuypers] Classification: Status, summary of splinter meeting and plan [J.De Ridder] Specific Object Studies: Status, summary of splinter meeting and plan [N.Mowlavi] Actions and Objectives for next cycle [L.Eyer] Participants Laurent Eyer Berry Holl Leanne Guy Idoia Ruiz Mathias Beck Diego Ordonez-Blanco Lorenzo Rimoldini Isabelle Lecoeur-Taibi Nami Mowlavi Krzysztof Nienartowicz Francois Mignard Eric Van Hemelryck Sara Regibo Antonella Vallenari Shay Zucker Lazlo Szabados Gabor Marschalko Dafydd Wyn Evans Joris De Ridder Timo Prusti Peter Klagyivik Jan Cuypers Maria Sueveges Luis Sarro Silvio Leccia Vincenzo Ripepi Pavel Koubsky Viktor Votruba Alessandro Lanzafame Elisa Distefano Christos Siopis Andre Moitinho Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny Brandon Tingley