Strengthening European Cooperation in High-Energy Astrophysics:
Toward a Proposal for FP7

09-10 February 2009, Roma, Italy

Summary of decisions taken at the meeting now available, click here

There is an emergent need to coordinate efforts in high-energy astrophysics at the European level. In January 2008, an adhoc Steering Committee (SC), composed of several members of the high-energy astrophysics community, was formed to discuss the opportunity for a European Framework Programme #7 proposal entitled Integrated Activities for the High-Energy Astrophysics Domain (AHEAD).

This proposal will be submitted as a response to the Spring 2010 call for bottom-up integrated activities, in the frame of the FP7 Capacities Work Programme for support to existing research infrastructures. To ensure that the needs of the high-energy astrophysics community are adequately represented, the SC has invited the community to respond massively to a Call for participation in Summer 2008 and to participate in the preparation and the definition of the proposal.

This meeting aims to present to the high-energy astrophysics community the current structure of activities of AHEAD. Activities submitted as a response to the call for participation and deemed by the steering committee potentially most interesting for inclusion in the future AHEAD proposal will also be presented. This meeting will be open to the community to increase the dialogue between all interested parties. Therefore, members of the high-energy astrophysics community are encouraged to register and participate.

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