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NGC 2146
The documentation of AstroROOT consist of several user manuals and a reference guide of the container classes. This reference guide is build with the THtml tool of ROOT.
Changes since version 4.1.2: The environment variable WORK_ENV is replaced by ISDC_ENV.
The name of a TTree, converted from a FITS table is now composed of the extension name of the FTIS table and the extension number. (for example: name_4) With this change several TTrees in the same ROOT file, converted from FTIS table with identical extension names have different name. They are now directly accessible in the root interpreter from a ROOT file by their name. The file->get() method is not required any more.
Reference Guide:
index page download as tar file
(the start page is html/USER_INDEX.html)
User Manuals:
All user manuals are also available in the tar file of the source code (see download page) and will be installed in the ${ISDC_ENV}/help directory (see installation guide)
  • ALL
  • A tar file with all user manuals of AstroROOT listed below.
  • makefiles
  • An utility to configure and to prepare the Makefiles
  • astroroot_init_env
  • a script to initialize the environment variables, used by AstroROOT during runtime
  • pil
  • A parameter interface layer to read and write FTOOLS parameter files
  • tf_container
  • A set of container classes to store astronomical data in tables and n - dimensional arrays
  • AstroImage
  • regions
  • A classes to display an image.
    A subset is used by the image display.
  • param_gui
  • A program to edit FTOOLS parameter files.
  • astro_image
  • A program to display one image in a TCanvas.
  • tree2tf
  • A program to convert ROOT TTrees into FITS tables.
  • tf2tree
  • A program to convert FITS tables and images into ROOT trees, graphs and histograms.
  • tfasro_map
  • A program to show the mapping of ASRO - files.
  • tfconvert
  • A program to convert FITS, ROOT and ASRO files from one format into an other.
  • tfdump
  • A program to dump all data of a FITS, a ROOT and an ASRO file.

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