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Current Version : 5.0
AstroROOT Version 5.0 is tested with ROOT version 5.08.00 and 5.18.00 on LINUX Red Hat with gcc version 4.1.2
Unfortunately it does not compile with ROOT version 5.16.00
It is tested with ROOT version 5.08.00 on SUN solaris CC version 5.4, but has problems to compile with CC version 5.7
No effort is done to support it also to Windows.
The source code of AstroROOT and all user manuals are available for download in one tar file: astro_root-5.0.tar.gz
Follow the instruction of the Installation Page to install the software on your side.

Version 5.0 consist of 18 components (all are included in the tar file) :

  • makefiles
  • 2.9.3 an utility to configure and to prepare the Makefiles
  • astroroot_init_env
  • 1.1 a script to initialize the environment variables, used by AstroROOT during runtime
  • cfitsio
  • 3.02 the standard cfitsio distribution
  • readline
  • 5.2 a library to allow users to edit command lines as they are typed in. Again, the standard distribution
  • pil
  • 2.1 a parameter interface layer to read and write FTOOLS parameter files
  • tf_container
  • 1.2 a set of container classes to store astronomical data in tables and n - dimensional arrays
  • libwcs
  • 3.4.0 a library for coordinate transformations
  • image_lib
  • 1.1 a class to display an image in a TPad
  • param_gui_lib
  • 1.3 a library of the param_gui program.
  • astro_lib
  • 5.0 the AstroROOT library. It includes cfitsio, dal, pil, readline, image_lib and the tf_containers.
  • astroroot
  • 5.0 the AstroROOT program, a ROOT interpreter with access to all cfitsio functions, all tf_container classes and to the AstroImage display class.
  • param_gui
  • 1.0 a program to edit FTOOLS parameter files.
  • astro_image
  • 1.0 a program to display one image in a TCanvas
  • tree2tf
  • 1.0 a program to convert ROOT TTrees into FITS tables or TFTables, a class of the tf_container.
  • tf2tree
  • 1.2 a program to convert FITS tables and images into ROOT trees, graphs and histograms.
  • tfasro_map
  • 1.0 a program to show the mapping of ASRO - files.
  • tfconvert
  • 1.0 a program to convert FITS, ROOT and ASRO files from one format into an other.
  • tfdump
  • 1.1 a program to dump all data of a FITS, a ROOT and an ASRO file.


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