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Frequently Asked Questions
Galactic Centre SPI image
(SPI is one of the INTEGRAL instruments)
map courtesy of V. Beckmann, on behalf of the SPI/INTEGRAL team

  1. How to solve "error during reading parameters (-3003)"?
    This message shows that the program cannot read its parameter file (for example tf2tree.par). Properly the environment variable PFILES is not set. PFILES should define the path where these parameter files are stored. During installation of the AstroROOT package these parameter files are copied to ${ISDC_ENV}/pfiles.
    See also in the installation guide at point 3 for an example to set this environment variable.

  2. The program tfconvert fails to convert a ROOT TTree into a FITS file or vice versa
    The program tfconvert can convert data of the tf_container classes stored in different file formats (ROOT, FITS and ASRO). To convert a ROOT TTree into a FITS table and vice versa the programs tree2tf and tf2tree can be used.

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