Job offer for two System Administrators at the Astronomy Dept. of the University of Geneva


System administrator

The Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva

Owing to the talent and the many years of experience of its staff members, the Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva is evolving very dynamically. We are active in many areas of research and development. Research areas cover the full range from cosmology, dynamics of galaxies, star formation, phenomena at high energies to the fascinating domain of exoplanets. Over the years we have participated to and led many projects for the development of scientific instruments for ground and space based telescopes. We are also very active in the domain of ground segments of space missions of the European Space Agency.

The Astronomy Department is located at two sites separate by only a few kilometres: the Observatoire de Genève and the Ecogia site. More information about the Astronomy Department is accessible at

To strengthen the team in charge of the Information System of the department, we are opening the positions for two full-time system administrators.


As a member of a team of 5 system administrators you will be working in all areas the system team is responsible for:

  * IT administration (first to third level)
  * First to third level support to the 500+ on and off-site users of the IT services
  * Shared resources for 
    - the Infrastructure (Linux, Solaris)
    - Several partially virtualised compute clusters
    - Heterogeneous Petabyte range storage solutions
    - Networking (Infiniband, Ethernet)
    - Services like NIS / LDAP, web, svn
    - Applications like PostgresQL and mariaDB, Sonar, Tomcat, Jenkins and Redmine
  * On-call service for mission critical systems
  * Security
  * Backups
  * Purchases
  * Racking and provisioning of equipment
  * Monitoring
  * Office computing (Windows and Mac OSX)
  * Tracking of emerging and relevant technologies
  * Support to the application software development teams


Applicants to this post should have:
  - A degree in computer science or equivalent;
  - At least 3 years relevant experience in a similar Linux and open source based environment;
  - Excellent communication skills with people from a different cultural and professional background;
  - A very good level of written and spoken French and English;
Preference will be given to candidates with:
  - Knowledge of industry standards like ITIL;
  - Experience in agile project management approaches such as SCRUM;
  - Swiss nationality or a valid work permit for Switzerland;

Contract and closing date

According to University regulations, the initial contract is for 1 year renewable over the full period of the available funding. Depending on your profile the salary is according to class 17-19 of the State of Geneva.

The start date of the contract is as soon as possible.

Applications including a motivation letter and a Curriculum Vitae should be submitted before 11 September 2015.

Please submit your application via the following link on the site: Submit your application.

Further information

For questions or more information please contact Mathias Beck - mathias.beck @