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Euclid photo-z data challenges

The data challenges are an on-going effort lead by the photo-z Organisation Unit (OU-PHZ) in the Euclid consortium. This page presents the photo-z data challenges, gather useful information and is the entry point for downloading the data.

The data challenges are the main activity of the work package "testing" (a team of ~30 people), whose overall goal of is to set up a framework to test photo-z algorithms using Euclid-like catalogues (simulated or based on real data, e.g. CANDELS data prepared by OU-MER), distributed to people to run their photo-z codes. We also develop quality control tools to compare the different algorithms and propose photo-z requirement updates for cosmic shear when necessary.

it is strongly encouraged to join the work package mailing list to get the most updated information about the challenges.

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Goal of the challenges

The photo-z data challenges aim at measuring the performance of photo-z codes to be used for the cosmic shear analysis of the Euclid mission. The data are prepared under the lead of the "testing" work package with people from OU-EXT, OU-MER and OU-PHZ teams.

Data challenges

  • DC1: The Data Challenge 1 is the first of a planned series of data analysis efforts which are coordinated among the various Euclid OU's.
  • DC2: The main goal of the Data Challenge 2 is to measure the performance of photo-z codes.
  • DC3: The goal of the Data Challenge 3 is to focus on the method and the calibration set, using simulations.