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Data Challenge 3

The goal of this third challenge is to focus on the method and the calibration set, using simulations. Since the DC2 has the advantage of providing a catalogue made from real images and allows us to directly link the photo-z group efforts to the data reduction and photometry (OU-EXT and OU-MER) , we will leave it open for the time we use simulations.

The catalogues include all the information (photometry, position and true redshift) and were produced from best-fit SEDs in the COSMOS field, from which we emulated fluxes and flux errors at the required depths as reported from Jean-Charles Cuillandre last year. The training data set has 5 times higher SNR.

Catalogues, filter transmission and documentation are here:

The login and password to access the page can be found in (you must be a registered Euclid member to access the catalogue)