Phosphoros Project Main Page

This is the Phosphoros 0.7 main page, last updated Mar 03, 2017

Phosphoros is a photometric redshift determination tool based on a template fitting method. Taking as input a catalog containing a number of photometric measurements, models of the filter transmission and of the Spectral Energy Distribution (SEDs), it allows to produce estimations of the source redshifts. The nominal outputs are Probability Density Functions (PDFs) providing probabilities as a function of redshift, but it can also produce best redshift values and PDFs as a function of other parameters.

Download and Installation

Instructions of how to download and install the Phosphoros software

User Manual

User manual, containing a quickstart tutorial and the full Phosphoros user manual

Algorithm Reference

Extended description of the implemented algorithm

Developer Manual

Developer manual, containing design explanation, module tutorials and API references

Changes in Phosphoros

Changelog between the different Phosphoros versions

Data Repository

Download SED templates, filter transmissions and catalogs