The different RSU models

The Euclid VIS shutter unit (RSU) is not directly built as a flight unit, but a number of preliminarily models are constructed in advance in order to progressively test the robustness and the maturity of the design.
According to the standard practices for the construction of flight hardware and the specific requirements of the Euclid VIS instrument, the following RSU models are being built:
  • The Engineering Model (EM)
  • The Thermal and Structural Model (STM)
  • The Bread-Board Model (BM)
  • The Qualification Model (QM)
  • The Flight Model (FM)
  • The Flight Spare (FS).
Here we present and discuss the BM model.

The Qualification Model

The RSU QM is already integrated, and the test campaign takes place between the second part of 2018 and the first part of 2019.


The QM model integrated in the clean room at APCO's premises and some photos of the QM parts before integration as displayed at APCO's premises (credits: APCO Technologies and University of Geneva).