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INTEGRAL is the INTernational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory of the European Space Agency. It observes the Universe in the X-ray and soft gamma-ray band. Since its launch, on October 17, 2002, the ISDC receives the spacecraft telemetry within seconds and provides alerts, processed data and analysis software to the worldwide scientific community.

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INTEGRAL Picture of the Month
Extraordinary jet shot by a runaway pulsar
Latest News
2014 SEP 04: OSA 10.1 released!
2014 AUG 28: INTEGRAL catches dead star exploding in a blaze of glory (ESA PR)
2014 AUG 19: The 10th INTEGRAL Workshop "A Synergistic View of the High Energy Sky" will take place on 15-19 September 2014, in Annapolis, MD, USA.
2014 JUL 02: INTEGRAL AO-12 General Programme approved
2014 FEB 24: ISOC opens INTEGRAL's AO-12 (due: 4 April 2014, 14:00 CEST)
2014 FEB 18: INTEGRAL source is a runaway pulsar with an extraordinary jet (Chandra PR, APOD, ISDC Result, UniGE)
2014 FEB 04: INTEGRAL observes the closest SN Ia of the last 40 years (ISDC-News 2014-02-04)
2013 NOV 19: INTEGRAL measures the speed of gas from stellar explosions in the Galaxy (ESA PR)
2013 SEP 26: INTEGRAL finds missing link between X-ray and radio pulsars (ESA PR & more, ISDC Result, UniGE)
2013 SEP 09: ISOC call for AO-11 data right proposals (due: 4 October 2013, 14:00 CEST)
Latest Circulars
ATel 6227: Outburst Ephemeris for the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGR J17544-2619
ATel 6173: New bright outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619 observed by Swift
ATel 6154: INTEGRAL detects renewed activity from SAX J2103.5+4545
ATel 6129: INTEGRAL-detection of the ongoing outburst of the BeXRB KS 1947+300
ATel 6099: Early gamma-ray emission from SN2014J during the optical maximum as obtained by INTEGRAL
ATel 5992: Detection of the 847 keV gamma-ray line of radio-active Co56 from the Type Ia Supernova SN2014J in M82 with INTEGRAL
ATel 5991: INTEGRAL observation of GRS 1739-278 in outburst
GCN 16007: GRB 140320C: A long GRB detected by INTEGRAL
GCN 16003: GRB 140320B: A long GRB detected by INTEGRAL
ATel 5942: INTEGRAL detection of the onset of renewed X-ray activity from 1A 0535+26