Data Centre for Astrophysics
Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva
ISDC Seminar

Friday, 9 February 2007 at 11:00

Pierre Eckert
Office fédéral de météorologie et de climatologie MétéoSuisse

Weather forecasting: from manual work to numerical modelling

Abstract. Weather forecasting has always been a challenge to mankind in order to plan agricultural activities at first. With the invention of telecommunication at the end of the 19th century it became possible to exchange meteorological information in real time and so to get information on the distribution of these parameters on a wide area. Conceptual methods to analyse, develop and transport weather features have then been used for a while. At the same time, the classical hydrological equations (Newton, Euler, Navier-Stokes...) have been simplified and adapted to the atmosphere. With the emergence of computers, these equations could be integrated numerically and used as operational tools. The construction of these numerical models will be discussed in this talk.

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