Data Centre for Astrophysics
Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva
ISDC Seminar

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 at 11:00

Nicolas Laporte
IRAP - Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France

Evolution of galaxies during the epoch of reionization

Abstract. Evolution of galaxies is well known up to z ~ 5, but beyond this limit and regarding the few number of galaxies confirmed by spectroscopy, their evolution is still uncertain. We have conducted two different surveys aiming to explore the high-redshift Universe: one taking benefit from the use of a lensing cluster (behind Abell 2667, to select faint sources at high-redshift) and another, the WUDS survey, using a large field of view (~400 arcmin2) to select bright sources at z > 4.5. We have used different set of data coming from HAWK-I and FORS2 @ VLT, IRAC and MIPS @ Spitzer, PACS and SPIRE @ Herschel and ACS @ HST to constrain the SED of the best candidates highlighted in our two surveys. Using all these data, we have shown the existence of extreme mid-z interlopers which can contaminate bright high-z sample and thus bias the results on the evolution of galaxies. During this talk, I will present you first the two surveys and the method I used to select high-z candidates as well as the different kind of contaminants found in these studies, and then the evolution of galaxies from z ~ 5 up to 9 as seen by the WUDS project and the survey behind A2667. I will finish my presentation by giving some perspectives, and especially the results that we can expected from futures instruments and telescopes (e.g. KMOS and MUSE @ VLT, EMIR @ GTC, JWST, Euclid and the E-ELT).

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