THESEUS CONFERENCE 2021, VIRTUAL - 23-26 March 2021


All times are in CET=UT+1

Tuesday 23 March

  SESSION 1 - Tuesday 23 March (13:40 - 15:40)
The THESEUS mission (Chair Enrico Bozzo)
13:40 (20 min) Welcome address
14:00 (20 min) The THESEUS space mission concept: updated design, profile and expected performances (Lorenzo Amati, I)
14:20 (20 min) The ESA/M5 process (Paul Mcnamara, I)
14:40 (20 min) THESEUS scientific requirements (Matteo Guainazzi, I)
15:00 (20 min) The Soft X-ray Instrument (SXI) on THESEUS (Paul O'Brien, I)
15:20 (20 min) XGIS: The X/Gamma-ray Imaging Spectrometer on-board THESEUS (Claudio Labanti, I)

15:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 2 - Tuesday 23 March (16:00 - 18:00)
The THESEUS mission (Chair Lorenzo Amati)
16:00 (20 min) The IRT Telescope on board the THESEUS mission (Diego Götz, I)
16:20 (20 min) THESEUS mission profile (Thibaut Prod'homme, I)
16:40 (20 min) THESEUS mission operation concept (Enrico Bozzo, I)
17:00 (20 min) Unveiling the nature of the prompt emission with THESEUS (Giancarlo Ghirlanda, I)
17:20 (20 min) The THESEUS Mission Observation Simulator (MOS) (Jonan Larranaga, I)
17:40 (20 min) The THESEUS Ground Segment (G Belanger, I)

Wednesday 24 March

  SESSION 3 - Wednesday 24 March (9:00 - 10:40)
Investigating the early Universe & cosmic evolution via GRBs (Chair Diego Götz)
09:00 (20 min) GRBs in the early Universe (Nial Tanvir, I)
09:20 (20 min) Tracing the metal-enrichment in the early universe with THESEUS (Lise Christensen, I)
09:40 (20 min) GRBs as tracers of cosmic star formation and first galaxies (Susanna Vergani, I)
10:00 (20 min) IRT expected science from very high redshhift GRBs (Emeric Le Floch, I)
10:20 (20 min) General properties of optical/NIR emission of long-duration GRBs and their host galaxies (Alberto J. Castro-tirado, I)

10:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 4 - Wednesday 24 March (11:00 - 12:45)
Investigating the early Universe & cosmic evolution via GRBs (Chair Nial Tanvir)
11:00 (20 min) Enlightening cosmic dark ages with GRBs (Ruben Salvaterra, I)
11:20 (15 min) Assessing the detectability of optical afterglows of short gamma-ray bursts by ground-based facilities in the THESEUS era (Lána Salmon, C)
11:35 (15 min) Population synthesis of metal-poor massive stars - How to use THESEUS' high-redshift GRB data to constrain the physics of Pop-II and Pop-III progenitors (Dorottya Szécsi, C)
11:50 (15 min) GRBs and host galaxies studies, the need for deep ancillary multi-wavelength data (Denis Burgarella, C)
12:05 (20 min) Measuring the cosmological parameters with Gamma-ray Bursts (Massimo Della Valle, I)
12:25 (20 min) Investigating the early Universe & cosmic evolution via GRBs (Ester Piedipalumbo, I)

12:40 (80 min) Lunch Break

  SESSION 5 - Wednesday 24 March (14:00 - 15:25)
Multi-messenger astrophysics (Chair Carlo Ferrigno)
14:00 (30 min) THESEUS role in multi-messenger astrophysics during the 2030s (Giulia Stratta, I)
14:30 (20 min) Gravitational wave detections (Marica Branchesi, I)
14:50 (20 min) Binary neutron stars: Einstein's richest laboratory (Luciano Rezzolla, I)
15:10 (15 min) Long-lived neutron star in binary neutron star mergers (Nikhil Sarin, C)

15:25 (35 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 6 - Wednesday 24 March (16:00 - 17:30)
Multi-messenger astrophysics (Chair Giulia Stratta)
16:00 (20 min) The ENGRAVE collaboration (Morgan Fraser, I)
16:20 (20 min) Neutrino telescopes and their role in multi-messenger astrophysics (Maurizio Spurio, I)
16:40 (20 min) Multimessenger Probes of High-energy Sources (Dafne Guetta, I)
17:00 (15 min) Multi-messenger astronomy with INTEGRAL (Carlo Ferrigno, C)
17:15 (15 min) New perspectives for testing physics at fundamental level with multimessenger astronomy. (Aleksandra Piórkowska-Kurpas, C)

Thursday 25 March

  SESSION 7 - Thursday 25 March (9:00 - 10:40)
Time-domain astrophysics (Chair Giancarlo Ghirlanda)
09:00 (20 min) THESEUS capabilities for time variability studies (Sandro Mereghetti, I)
09:20 (20 min) Fundamental Physics studies with THESEUS (Andrea Santangelo, I)
09:40 (15 min) Magnetars and the transient sky: from Galactic X-ray outbursts to extra-Galactic FRBs (Nanda Rea, C)
09:55 (15 min) Giant flares in the extragalactic magnetar population (Maeve Doyle, C)
10:10 (15 min) Accreting and transitional millisecond pulsar binaries with Theseus. (Domitilla De Martino, C)
10:25 (15 min) Understanding tidal disruption events with Theseus (Natalie Webb, C)

10:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 8 - Thursday 25 March (11:00 - 12:35)
Time-domain astrophysics and GRB science (Chair Sandro Mereghetti)
11:00 (20 min) Frontiers in GRB and multi-messenger/time domain astrophysics (Tsvi Piran, I)
11:20 (15 min) Observing X-ray shock break-out emission with THESEUS (Luca Izzo, C)
11:35 (15 min) Metal abundances in GRB host galaxies, out to high-z (Annalisa De Cia, C)
11:50 (15 min) THESEUS and the star formation near and far (L. Viktor Tóth, C)
12:05 (15 min) The future of the redshift estimation of GRBs (Istvan Racz, C)
12:20 (15 min) The link between the formation of spinning binary black-hole mergers and long gamma-ray bursts (Simone Bavera, C)

12:45 (75 min) Lunch Break

  SESSION 9 - Thursday 25 March (14:00 - 15:40)
Next-generation facilities and their synergies with THESEUS (Chair Paul O'Brien)
14:00 (20 min) Athena and its synergy with THESEUS (Luigi Piro, I)
14:20 (20 min) LISA and its possible synergy with THESEUS (Stéphane Paltani, I)
14:40 (20 min) Synergy of THESEUS with ELT, TMT and large optical/NIR facilities of the future (Stéphane Basa, I)
15:00 (20 min) Piercing the Epoch of Reionization with THESEUS and SKA (Andrea Ferrara, I)
15:20 (20 min) Highlights of the H.E.S.S gamma-ray burst observation program (Fabian Schüssler, I)

15:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 10 - Thursday 25 March (16:00 - 17:30)
Time-domain astrophysics and GRB science (Chair Maria Caballero-Garcia)
16:00 (15 min) Broadband Modeling of the GRB Prompt Emission from Optical to Gamma-Rays (Sylvain Guiriec, C)
16:15 (15 min) Herschel FIR observations of 45 GRB host galaxies (Nofoz Suleiman, C)
16:30 (15 min) A new type of changing look AGN with extreme X-ray properties (Claudio Ricci, C)
16:45 (15 min) Short-term variability of the newly discovered transient X-ray binary MAXI J1820+070 (Holger Stiele, C)
17:00 (15 min) A numerical model for computing emission spectra and light curves from the top surface of relativistic jet. (Ruben Farinelli, C)
17:15 (15 min) Outflows from neutron-star mergers: the case of GW170817/GRB170817A (Antonios Nathanail, C)

Friday 26 March

  SESSION 11 - Friday 26 March (9:00 - 10:40)
Current and next-generation facilities related to Theseus science (Chair Andrea Santangelo)
09:00 (20 min) The SVOM mission for the study of the transient sky (Bertrand Cordier, I)
09:20 (20 min) Einstein Probe (Weimin Yuan, I)
09:40 (20 min) THESEUS precursors: HERMES Technologic and Scientific Pathfinders (Fabrizio Fiore, I)
10:00 (20 min) High-z gamma-ray bursts unraveling the dark ages and extreme space-time mission - HiZ-GUNDAM (Daisuke Yonetoku, I)
10:20 (20 min) eROSITA on SRG - The New X-ray All-sky Survey (Peter Predehl, I)

10:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 12 - Friday 26 March (11:00 - 12:45)
Current and next-generation facilities related to Theseus science (Chair Piero Rosati)
11:00 (20 min) The Gamow Explorer: A Gamma-Ray Burst Observatory to Study the High Redshift and Multi-Messenger Universe (Nicholas White, I)
11:20 (20 min) The enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry mission (Marco Feroci, I)
11:40 (15 min) The CAMELOT Constellation of Nanosatellites for Gamma-Ray Burst Observations (Jakub Ripa, C)
11:55 (15 min) A novel gamma-ray detector configuration (Roi Rahin, C)
12:10 (15 min) The event rate density of extragalactic high-energy transients (Hui Sun, C)
12:25 (20 min) AGILE and GRBs: 13 years of observations (Alessandro Ursi, I)

12:45 (75 min) Lunch Break

  SESSION 13 - Friday 26 March (14:00 - 15:40)
Observatory and additional science (Chair Stephane Basa)
14:00 (20 min) Observatory Science with THESEUS (Andrew Blain, I)
14:20 (20 min) VHE emission from GRBs in the THESEUS era (Francesco Longo, I)
14:40 (20 min) Observing the accretion state of accreting black holes with THESEUS. (Maria Caballero-Garcia, I)
15:00 (20 min) GrailQuest & HERMES: Hunting for Gravitational Wave Electromagnetic Counterparts and Probing Space-Time Quantum Foam (Luciano Burderi, I)
15:20 (20 min) Studying the variability of X-ray binaries with THESEUS (Victor Doroshenko, I)

15:40 (20 min) Coffee Break

  SESSION 14 - Friday 26 March (16:00 - 17:30)
Observatory and additional science (Chair Filippo Frontera)
16:00 (15 min) Exploiting the IRT-THESEUS Telescope to observe Quasars (Lindita Hamolli, C)
16:15 (15 min) Accretion flows around supermassive black holes. (Alex Markowitz, C)
16:30 (15 min) GRB 200415A: GRB or Masquerading Magnetar? (Oliver Roberts, C)
16:45 (15 min) Mrk 110 multiwavelength variability (Federico Vincentelli, C)
17:00 (15 min) Concluding remarks (Lorenzo Amati)
(I - invited speaker, C - contributed talk)