THESEUS contact persons

Coordination team
Name and Surname Country Institute
Lorenzo Amati (Mission PI) Italy INAF-OAS Bologna
Paul O'Brien United Kingdom Leicester University
Diego Goetz France CEA/Saclay
Chris Santangelo Germany IAAT
Enrico Bozzo Switzerland University of Geneva
Payload and science data center
Element Name and Surname Institute Country
SXI Paul O'Brien and Ian Hutchinson University of Leicester United Kingdom
XGIS Lorenzo Amati and Claudio Labanti INAF-OAS Bologna Italy
IRT Diego Goetz and Stephane Basa CEA, Saclay France
I-DHU Andrea Santangelo and Chris Tenzer IAAT, Tuebingen Germany
SDC Stephane Paltani and Enrico Bozzo University of Geneva Switzerland
ESA study team
Name and Surname Role Institute Country
Philippe Gondoin Study manager ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Jonan Larranaga System engineer ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Thibaut Prod’homme Payload manager ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Tim Oosterbroek Payload system engineer ESA/ESAC Spain
Matteo Guainazzi Study scientist ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Isabel Escudero Sanz Optics expert ESA/ESTEC Netherlands