THESEUS contact persons

Coordination team
Name and Surname Country Institute
Lorenzo Amati (Mission PI, lead Scientist) Italy INAF-OAS Bologna
Paul O'Brien United Kingdom Leicester University
Diego Goetz France CEA/Saclay
Andrea Santangelo Germany IAAT
Enrico Bozzo Switzerland University of Geneva
Payload and science data center
Element Name and Surname Institute Country
SXI Paul O'Brien, Andrea Santangelo University of Leicester; IAAT Tuebingen United Kingdom; Germany
XGIS Lorenzo Amati INAF-OAS Bologna Italy
IRT Diego Goetz and Stefano Covino CEA, Saclay; INAF-OA Brera France; Italy
I-DHU Andrea Santangelo IAAT, Tuebingen Germany
SDC Stephane Paltani University of Geneva Switzerland
ESA study team
Name and Surname Role Institute Country
Mark Ayre Study manager ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Luis Venancio Payload manager ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Tim Oosterbroek Payload system engineer ESA/ESAC Spain
Erik Kuulkers Study scientist ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Roland Vavrek Operations expert ESA/ESAC Spain