THESEUS CONFERENCE 2021, VIRTUAL - 23-26 March 2021

Name Contribution Title
Lorenzo Amati Invited Talk The THESEUS mission concept
Zsolt Bagoly Poster Multicomponent modelling of the gamma-ray background
Lajos G. Balazs Poster Estimation of long GRB rate at very high (z>8) redshift
Stephane Basa Invited Talk Synergy of THESEUS with ELT, TMT and large optical/NIR facilities
G. Belanger Invited Talk The THESEUS Ground Segment
Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan Poster Properties of magneto-dipole X-ray lines in different radiation models
Andrew Blain Invited Talk Observatory Science with THESEUS
Luciano Burderi Invited Talk GrailQuest & HERMES: Hunting for Gravitational Wave Electromagnetic Counterparts and Probing Space-Time Quantum Foam
Denis Burgarella Contr. talk GRBs and host galaxies studies, the need for deep ancillary multi-? data (updated)
Maria Caballero-Garcia Invited Talk Observing the accretion state of Black Hole Transients with THESEUS
Alberto J. Castro-Tirado Invited Talk General properties of optical/NIR emission of long-duration GRBs and their host galaxies
Lise Christensen Invited Talk Tracing the metal-enrichment in the early universe with THESEUS
Bertrand Cordier Invited Talk The SVOM mission for the study of the transient sky
Domitilla de Martino Contr. talk Accreting and Transitional Millisecond Pulsar Binaries
Massimo Della Valle Invited Talk Measuring the Cosmological Parameters with GRBs
Victor Doroshenko Invited Talk Variability in X-ray binaries with Theseus
Maeve Doyle Contr. talk Assessing the Capabilities of THESEUS to observe Giant Flares from Extragalactic Magnetars
Ruben Farinelli Contr. talk A numerical jet model for the prompt emission of gamma-ray bursts
Marco Feroci Invited Talk The enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry mission
Carlo Ferrigno Contr. talk Multi-messenger astronomy with INTEGRAL
Fabrizio Fiore Invited Talk Theseus precursors: HERMES-Technologic and Scientific Pathfinders
Emeric Le Floc'h Invited Talk IRT expected science from very high redshift GRBs
Morgan Fraser Invited Talk The ENGRAVE collaboration and multi-messenger astronomy
Giancarlo Ghirlanda Invited Talk Unveiling the nature of the prompt emission with THESEUS
Matteo Guainazzi Invited Talk THESEUS scientific requirements
Dafne Guetta Invited Talk Multimessenger Probes of High-energy Sources
Sylvain Guiriec Contr. talk Broadband Modeling of the GRB Prompt Emission from Optical to Gamma-Rays
Diego Götz Invited Talk The IRT telescope on board the THESEUS mission
Lindita Hamolli Contr. talk Exploiting the IRT-THESEUS Telescope to observe Quasars
Istvan Horvath Poster Gamma-Ray Bursts as Probes of Cosmic Structure
Omar Kurtanidze Poster The Long-term Optical Monitoring of VHE Blazars
Claudio Labanti Invited Talk XGIS: The X/Gamma-ray Imaging Spectrometer on-board THESEUS
Jonan Larranaga Invited Talk The THESEUS Mission Observation Simulator (MOS)
Francesco Longo Invited Talk VHE emission from GRBs in the THESEUS era
Alex Markowitz Contr. talk Accretion flows around supermassive black holes
Paul McNamara Invited Talk The ESA M5 Selection Process
Sandro Mereghetti Invited Talk THESEUS capabilities for time variability studies
Paul O'Brien Invited Talk The Soft X-ray Instrument (SXI) on THESEUS
Stéphane Paltani Invited Talk LISA and its possible synergy with THESEUS
Luigi Piro Invited Talk Athena and its synergy with Theseus
Aleksandra Piórkowska-Kurpas Contr. talk New perspectives for testing physics at fundamental level with multimessenger astronomy.
Peter Predehl Invited Talk eROSITA on SRG - The new X-ray All-sky Survey
Thibaut Prod'homme Invited Talk THESEUS phase 0/A study and mission profile
Istvan Racz Contr. talk The future of the redshift estimation of GRB
Roi Rahin Contr. talk A novel gamma-ray detector configuration
Claudio Ricci Contr. talk A new type of changing look AGN with extreme X-ray properties 
Jakub Ripa Contr. talk The CAMELOT Constellation of Nanosatellites for Gamma-Ray Burst Observations
Oliver Roberts Contr. talk Masquerading Magnetar GRB 200415A
Lána Salmon Contr. talk Assessing the detectability of optical afterglows of short gamma-ray bursts by ground-based facilities in the THESEUS era
Ruben Salvaterra Invited Talk Enlightening cosmic dark ages with GRB
Andrea Santangelo Invited Talk Fundamental physics with THESEUS: the quest for dark matter
Nikhil Sarin Contr. talk long lived neutron stars in binary neutron star mergers
Fabian Schüssler Invited Talk Highlights of the H.E.S.S gamma-ray burst observation program
Maurizio Spurio Invited Talk Neutrino telescopes and their role in multimessenger astrophysics
Giulia Stratta Invited Talk THESEUS role in Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
Nofoz Suleiman Contr. talk Herschel FIR observations of 45 GRB host galaxies
Hui Sun Contr. talk The extra-galactic high-energy transients
Dorottya Szécsi Contr. talk How to use THESEUS’ high-redshift GRB data to constrain the physics of Pop-II and Pop-III progenitors
Ali Taani Poster The disk-fed formation in supergiant of high-mass X-ray binaries
Nial Tanvir Invited Talk GRBs in the early universe: probes of reionization
L. Viktor Toth Contr. talk THESEUS and the star formation near and far
Susanna D. Vergani Invited Talk GRBs as tracers of cosmic SFR and first galaxies
Federico Vincentelli Contr. talk Mrk 110 multiwavalength variability and prospects for THESEUS
Natalie Webb Contr. talk Understanding tidal disruption events with THESEUS
Nicholas White Invited Talk The Gamow Explorer: A Gamma-Ray Burst Observatory to Study the High Redshift and Multi-Messenger Universe
Daisuke Yonetoku Invited Talk HiZ-GUNDAM - High-z Gamma-ray bursts for Unraveling the Dark Ages and Extreme Space Time Mission
Weimin Yuan Invited Talk Einstein Probe (revised)