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THURSDAY October 5th

08:45 Registration
09:30 Welcome (Della Valle)
A) Mission general description
Chair: Frontera
09:40 THESEUS proposal for M5: overview (Amati)
10:00 The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) (O'Brien)
10:20 The X/Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (Fuschino / Campana)
10:40 The Infra-Red Telescope (IRT) (Goetz)
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Amati
11:30 Observing strategy (Frontera)
11:45 The On-Board Data Handling system (Tenzer)
12:00 Mission profile (GPAP / OHB-Italia)
12:15 X-band satellite transmitter and mobile ground station solution (Rodic)
12:25 Prospective USA contributions (Briggs)
12:40 Ground segment (Bozzo)
B) Exploring the Early Universe with GRBs
12:55 Overview (Tanvir)
13:15 - 14:30 Lunch
Chair: Tanvir
14:30 First galaxies, GRBs and cosmic reionization (Ferrara)
14:45 GRBs as tracers of SFR and metallicity evolution (Vergani)
15:00 Investigating cosmic reionization with GRBs: synergy with SKA (Colafrancesco)
15:15 Synergy with ELT (Maiorano)
15:30 ATHENA and the transient Universe (Piro)
15:45 THESEUS and the GRB-cosmology (Izzo)
16:00 High redshift constraints on dark energy cosmology from the Ep,i - Eiso correlation (Piedipalumbo)
16:15 - 16:45 Coffee Break
C) Multi-messenger astrophysics
Chair: O'Brien
16:45 Overview (Stratta)
17:05 The short GRBs - GW connection (D'Avanzo)
17:20 X-ray emission from GW sources (Ciolfi)
17:35 IR emission from GW sources (Piranomonte)
17:50 VST optical follow-up of the first two gravitational waves events (Grado)
18:05 INTEGRAL results on GW signals (Mereghetti)
18:20 Short GRBs and quark deconfinement (Drago)
18:35 – 18:50 Poster presentations
FRIDAY October 6th
D) Observatory science
Chair: Goetz
09:00 Time-domain astronomy: overview (Osborne)
09:20 Fast transients (Willingale)
09:35 AGNs (Giommi)
09:50 LMXRBs (Casella)
10:05 GRB science: prompt X-gamma (Nava)
10:20 GRB science: multiwavelength emission and host galaxies (Rossi)
10:35 Investigating DE  cosmologies by GRBs (Capozziello)
10:50 Synergy with CTA (Bernardini)
11:05 - 11:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Osborne
11:30 THESEUS as a flexible IR observatory (Covino)
11:45 The SVOM mission (Cordier)
12:00 The eXTP mission (Bozzo)
12:15 The HERMES project (Papitto)
12:30 GPU-accelerated broadband analysis of high-frequency GRB light curves (Van Putten)
12:45 Specific examples of separatrix between the collapsar and the BdHN models of GRBs (Ruffini)
13:00 Spectral, timing and polarization study of GRB prompt emission (Basak)
13:15 - 14:15 Lunch
Chair: Bozzo
14:15 On the PDS of GRB light curves (Boci / Hafizi)
14:30 Binary-driven hypernovae as multimesseger astrophysical systems (Rueda)
14:45 A Tale from GRB 160625B and Beyond (Zhang)
15:00 Early X-ray Flares in GRBs (Wang)
15:15 Numerical Simulations of Photospheric Emission from Collapsar Jets (Ito)
15:30 Accretion and outflows in accreting white dwarf binaries (de Martino)
15:45 Multidimensional simulations of pair-instability supernovae (Chardonnet)
16:00 X-ray plateaus and fundamental plane in GRBs: perspectives with THESEUS (Dainotti)
16:15-16:30 Final remarks and acknowledgments (Amati)
Poster contributions
On the induced gravitational collapse scenario (Becerra Bayona)
Search for properties of long Gamma Ray Bursts at high redshift (Pizzichini)
Could GRBs be associated with nearby NS NS merging events? (Fargion)