XIPE core team

Surname and NameCountryInstitute
Lead Scientist  
Soffitta Paolo (Consortium activities coordinator) Italy INAF-IAPS
Science  Working Groups
WG1: Acceleration Mechanisms
Gianpiero Tagliaferri Italy INAF-OA Brera
Jakko Vink The Netherlands Univ. of Amsterdam
WG1.1: Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Emma De Ona Wilhelmi Spain ICE/CSIC
WG1.2: Supernova Remnants  
Andrei Bykov Russia Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute
WG1.3: Blazars  
Ivan Agudo Spain Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucí
WG1.4 Micro-QSOs  
Elena Gallo United States Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
WG1.5 Gamma Ray Bursts  
Carole Mundell United Kingdom Univ. of Bath
WG1.6 Tidal Disruption Events  
Imma Donnarumma Italy INAF-IAPS
WG1.7 Active Stars
Nicolas Grosso France Astronomical Observatory in Strasbourg
WG1.8 Clusters of Galaxy    
Sergey Sazonov Russia Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
WG2: Magnetic Fields in compact objects
Andrea Santangelo Germany IAAT
Silvia Zane United Kingdom UCL/MSSL
WG2.1 Cataclysmic Variables and Novae
Domitilla de Martino Italy INAF-OA Capodimonte
WG2.2 Accreting Millisecond Pulsars
Juri Poutanen Finland Tuorla Observatory, Univ. of Turku
WG2.3 Accreting X-ray Pulsars
Victor Doroshenko Germany  IAAT
WG2.4 Magnetars
Roberto Turolla Italy Univ. of Padua
Enrico Massaro (co-chair) Italy Univ. of Roma 1
WG3: Scattering in aspherical geometries and accretion Physics
Eugene. Churazov Germany Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
Rene' Goosmann France Astronomical Observatory in Strasbourg
WG3.1 X-ray binaries and QPOs    
Julien Malzac France IRAP (CNRS/Université de Toulouse)
WG3.2 AGNs    
Pierre Olivier Petrucci France Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble
WG3.3 Molecular Clouds & SgrA*    
Frédéric Marin Czech Republic Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences
WG3.4 Ultra Luminous X-ray sources    
Hua Feng China Tsinghua University
WG4: Fundamental Physics    
Enrico Costa Italy INAF-IAPS
Giorgio Matt Italy Univ. of Roma 3
WG4.1 QED and X-ray polarimetry
 Rosalba Perna  United States  Stony Brook University
WG4.2 Strong Gravity  
Jiří Svoboda Czech Republic Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences
WG4.3 Quantum Gravity    
Philip E. Kaaret United States Iowa University
Luigi Foschini (co-chair) Italy INAF-OA Brera
WG4.4 Axion-like particles    
Marco Roncadelli Italy University of Pavia
System manager
Primo Attina Italy INAF-IAPS
PA/QA Manager
Rita Carpentiero Italy ASI
X-ray Optics
Gianpiero Tagliaferri Italy INAF-OA Brera
Filter Wheel
Silvia Zane United Kingdom UCL/MSSL
Gas Pixel Detectors - Lead
Ronaldo Bellazzini Italy INFN-Pi
Gas Pixel Detectors - gas cell optimization
Hua Feng China Tsinghua University
Szymon Gburek Poland SRC of Polish academy of science
Control Electronics & EGSE
Andrea Santangelo Germany IAAT
Chris Tenzer Germany IAAT
Focal Plane Lead and Mechanics
Victor Reglero Spain Univ. of Valencia
Focal Plane AIVT and Thermal
Maria dolores Sabau Spain INTA
System Thermo-mechanical Supervisor
Berend Winter United Kingdom UCL/MSSL
Detection Set calibrations
Fabio Muleri Italy INAF-IAPS
End-to-end calibrations
Vadim Burwitz Germany MPE
Background issues
Mark Pearce Sweden KTH
Science Ground Segment
Thierry Courvoisier Switzerland Univ. of Geneva
Enrico Bozzo Switzerland Univ. of Geneva