INTEGRAL Science Data Centre
"Observing with INTEGRAL" Spring School

29 March - 1 April 2000, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Organised by: T. Courvoisier, N. Mowlavi, R. Walter (ISDC); P. Durouchoux (CEA); G. Meynet (ObsGE)

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Tuesday March 28, 2000

16h00-18h30: Registration

18h30-19h30: Welcome cocktail

19h30: Dinner

Wednesday March 29, 2000

07h30-09h00: Breakfast

9h00-09h30: Science with INTEGRAL (Thierry Courvoisier)

9h30-10h15: The INTEGRAL mission (Chris Winkler)

10h15-10h45: coffee-break

10h45-11h15: Astronomical missions correlated to INTEGRAL (Neil Gehrels)

11h15-12h00: Properties of gamma-rays (Jacques Paul)

12h00-14h30: Lunch

14h30-15h00: From proposal submission to observation (Norman Trams)

15h00-15h30: Proposal submission: presentation (Paul Barr)

15h30-15h45: coffee-break

15h45-16h30: Data collection & reduction process (Roland Walter)

16h30-17h15: Simulations: presentation (Davide Cremonesi) 17h15-18h30: Practical training: Proposal submission (ISOC) Data analysis (ISDC)

19h00: Dinner

Thursday March 30, 2000

7h30-8h45: Breakfast

8h45-9h30: The Spectrometer (Jürgen Knödlseder)

9h30-10h15: The Imager (Andrea Goldwurm)

10h15-10h45: coffeee-break

10h45-11h30: Radionuclides and Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy (Roland Diehl)

11h30-12h15: Supernovae 1/2 (Friedrich-Karl Thielemann)

12h15-14h30: Lunch

14h30-15h00: electron-positron annihilation (Philippe Durouchoux)

15h00-15h15: Jem-X (Osmi Vilhu)

15h15-15h30: SPI response and spectral analysis studies (Chris Schrader)

15h30-17h30: Practical training

18h30: Dinner

20h15: Public conference (Thierry Courvoisier)

Friday March 31, 2000

7h30-8h45: Breakfast

8h45-9h30: Radionuclides and Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy (Roland Diehl)

9h30-10h15: Supernovae 2/2 (Friedrich-Karl Thielemann)

10h15-10h45: coffee-break

10h45-11h15: Cosmic rays (Michel Cassé)

11h15-12h00: Wolf-Rayet stars (Georges Meynet)

12h00-14h30: Lunch

14h30-15h15: AGB stars (Nami Mowlavi)

15h15-18h30: Practical training

19h00: Dinner

Saturday April 1st, 2000

7h30-9h00: Breakfast

9h00-9h30: Sun & Superbubbles (Michel Cassé)

9h30-10h15: Novae (Jordi José)

10h15-10h45: coffee-break

10h45-13h00: Practical training

13h00: End of school