INTEGRAL Science Data Centre

The INTEGRAL Helpdesk answers questions from observers about the INTEGRAL mission. This includes questions about proposal submission, observation scheduling, data distribution, data analysis and so on.

The E-mail of the INTEGRAL Helpdesk is inthelp @

There is only one helpdesk for all questions related to the INTEGRAL mission, which are answered by the INTEGRAL Science Data Centre (ISDC) or by the INTEGRAL Science Operations Centre (ISOC). The INTEGRAL Helpdesk is only based on electronic mail (no phone call, fax or current mail), to allow a proper handling of questions and answers.

When submitting a question to the INTEGRAL Helpdesk:

  1. First check the lists of FAQ (see below)
  2. Send only one specific question per e-mail
  3. Summarise your question in the subject line of your e-mail
  4. Your message will receive a unique identification "helpdesk#nnnnn" (where "nnnn" is a number) by which we can trace it easily. Please leave this identification (exactly as it is) in the subject line of any follow-up question.
  5. In general, don't acknowledge reception of an answer. That's very kind for usual e-mail exchanges, but here it would be considered as a follow-up of the initial request, thus increasing the work load of the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are two lists of frequently asked questions (FAQ) maintained at the ISOC and at the ISDC. The ISOC FAQ list includes questions concerning proposal submission, observation scheduling and data rights, while the ISDC FAQ list includes questions related to the INTEGRAL archive, data format, data distribution and data analysis software. Please, have a look at these lists before sending your request to the INTEGRAL Helpdesk to check if there is already an answer to your question.


You are welcome to send us comments and suggestions using the INTEGRAL Feedback Page.