Planck Software Development Team


The Geneva Planck Team at the ISDC is composed of:
    Marc Türler (145)
    Scientist. Planck LFI CoI and Team leader.
    Reiner Rohlfs (117)
    Software engineer. Developed general libraries and the Telemetry Quick Look (TQL) software for the Planck LFI.
    Nicolas Morisset (116)
    Software engineer. Developed the main parts of the TeleMetry Handler (TMH) software for the Planck LFI.
    Mohamed T. Meharga (192)
    Software engineer. Developed the Instrument Characteristics DataBase (IC-DB), ingestion tools (conversion into FITS files), limit checking and the pipelines of the LFI Level 1 data processing.
    Pavel Binko (152)
    Software engineer. Developed the data receipt system for the Instrument Workstation at MOC (IW@MOC).

    Note: The number in parenthesis are the 3 last digits of the phone number: +41 22 37 92 XXX

The Planck development at the ISDC is followed and reviewed by:

The Geneva Planck Team is benefitting from the ISDC infrastructure and staff. We are particularly grateful to: